Originally from the small town of Naugatuck, Connecticut, Cassandra now calls Durham, North Carolina home and centers community in her work, both art and otherwise. While she has always appreciated art, Cassandra just began painting in earnest after an inspiring photo shoot with friends in 2018. She hasn't put down the brush since, drawing inspiration from the people she knows and loves. Cassandra is the creator of 'It's Complicated', a multi-media project exploring and expanding the concepts of love and intimacy. She is lucky to be surrounded by other creatives, some of whom she models for on occasion. Also a domestic violence advocate, Cassandra's life work is informed by principles of equity and racial justice. She is a Gemini who loves her friends and family, her weird dogs Olive and Crusty, all of the seasons, a good cup of coffee, horror movies, hip hop, pizza, and wishes she could spend all her days lazily sitting around in conversation with her people.

Photo of Cassandra by Jade Wilson

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