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Blue Flowers

bear it/bare it/bear witness

bear it/bare it/bear witness is a multimedia project that explored the artists' lived experiences of reproductive trauma. the exhibit was hosted by the Durham Art Guild during Spring 2022.

featured artists:

Cassandra J. Rowe

Joaquín Carcaño

Alyssa Noble

Victoria Bouloubasis

A.yoni Jeffries

Tara Ilsley

Claire Alexandre

Ximena Natera

Kiara Sanders

Cori Fordham

Cydni Patterson

Chris Charles

Click the zine below to read more about the project and our artwork. Zine by Claire Alexandre
bear it zine cover.jpg
Heading 5
Performance by Alyssa Noble
Visitors on opening night
Art by Kiara Sanders
Sculpture by Joaquin Carcano
Interactive piece
Opening night
Opening night
Opening night
Visitors reading the zines
Artwork by Cassandra Rowe
Artwork by Cassandra Rowe
Collective audio poem
Contributing to the interactive piece

Photos by Chris Charles

Blue Flowers

no right words (2022) is a collaborative audio poem created for bear it, featuring the voices of myself, Alyssa Noble, A.yoni Jeffries, Cori Fordham, Jackie Michel, Tara Ilsley and Victoria Bouloubasis, with sound healing by A.yoni. Listen below.

no right words
00:00 / 03:40
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